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Service Used Tropical Camouflage Combat Helmet and Gasmask


This well used ensemble consists of a very heavily service used camouflage M40 Q64 Luftwaffe helmet, paired with a predominantly tan camouflage Gas Mask, complete. The helmet finish consists of a base tan with traces of light green splashes. There is a Luftwaffe adler visible on the left side under the heavily patinated vent hole.  The liner is fully present, showing heavy period use and wear, with what I frequently note in combat pieces, is the use of an issue shoelace as a likely period-replaced liner string. The helmet appears to have been heavily used in a hot climate, and may have been plucked off the battlefield. The gas mask ensemble is a close condition and service use match.  A nice salty and “been there” set of combat gear, classic ‘southern front.’ COA accompanies.

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