Service Used Reissue Heer M35 Helmet

SKU: Mhzphr


This is a service used example of an ET64 Heer Helmet, heat lot number 3531, placing it in 1937 production. Given it still retains its factory issue single ply liner band and leather in robust and serviceable condition, it was not given a new liner. The extent of the reissue was a coating of M40 style schiefergrau paint, brush applied and leaving the Heer adler exposed, but covering the national shield. The chinstrap is what appears to me to be a likely period modification in the form of a screw snap, to replace the torn or broken buckle end of the strap. The buckle itself remains on the strap, but is bent to stay in place. An overall nice example of a Heer reissue in very good, collectible condition. COA accompanies.

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