SOLD (tr) Service Used, Rare Q66 M40 Double Decal SS Helmet

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This outstanding helmet was given to it’s recent owner by a nephew of the veteran who brought it back, surnamed Boyer. I am awaiting further word about the first name of the vet, so his unit and any other information may be brought to light through research. The helmet itself is a Q66, heat lot number DN239 (the Ice reference book has this lot number showing SS, including Double Decal M40s). The finish is the typical quist M40 schiefergrau, with a CA Pocher shield atop the Q factory shield (the wobble in the rune corner is from a series of tiny flakes to the outer decal, exposing the offset design of the Q shield underneath). The party shield is also CA Pocher manufacture.  The surname “Linke” is painted in white in the rear skirt. A cursory search of this name has yielded several KIA files, but not definitive. The helmet definitely saw service wear, then was stored in a manner in which it was exposed to climatic conditions that weakened the leather and caused patina. However, his does not lessen the impact of this being a rare type of double decal Waffen-SS helmet. A rare addition to the SS helmet collection. COA of course accompanies, as does any additional vet related information.

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