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Reserved (t.f.) SA Leaders Kepi


This is an outstanding kepi in near mint condition. The steel-green color band in conjunction with the silver button indicates this kepi was worn by a member of SA Group Kurpfalz. The silver piping around the top of the kepi is correctly hand stitched and indicates a wearer with the SA Leader rank of Hauptsturmführer, Obersturmführer, or Sturmführer. The kepi is the later style, introduced in 1937, and features the proper larger eagle and later RZM label under the ersatz sweatband. The leather chinstrap is intact and shows light age. Size stamped ’59’ to the top lining. I can find no mothing to the color band and only normal age and handling overall. The ersatz sweatband is somewhat stiff but is in very fine condition. SA kepis are not commonly found for sale, and those for SA Leaders are a rarity on the market, especially in this condition. This example will never need to be upgraded. COA accompanies.

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