Real, Service Used RAD Helmet

SKU: mh119cj


Here is a very clean example of an RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) helmet, worn in conjunction with the massive Third Reich wartime engineering and construction projects across the occupied countries and within Germany itself. Fritz Todt and then Albert Speer ran these programs. A soldier wearing this helmet would have been a guard over a force of laborers preparing a tank obstacle, or perhaps at a missile launch site for V-1 or V-2 rockets, etc. The helmet itself is an EF62 Heer, with the Heer adler on the left and the RAD shield on the right. The liner and long end of the strap are untouched original to the helmet, with some age wear. These are somewhat rare helmets to find with an original un-messed-with RAD shield intact. Sale includes COA.


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