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SOLD (ka) Rare SS-VT / Allgemeine-SS Transitional Helmet


This is simply the mintest Allgemeine-SS transitional helmet I have handled in years. The shell is a German M18 with a factory black finish and glossy liner retainer rivet heads. The liner is a size 64, dated 1935 (as is the Chinstrap), and has the early ‘Schuberthwerke Braunschweig’ embossed marking on the liner leather. All are pictured. The liner, completely untouched original to the helmet, does not have washers at the retaining rivets. Note the patina is undisturbed and the pins are perfectly flush. The SS and Runic shields are classic CA Pocher decals, with no varnish. They are mint and aside from some age flaking (again, no lacquer was applied), they gleam beautifully. Note the inner line on the runes, unmistakable in the angles photographed. The fact these decals are reversed could be due to a number of factors, the most likely being a police or SD affiliation of the wearer’s organization. The owner obtained the helmet from the late Robert Wilson, who reportedly obtained it from Stephen Wolfe. A helmet this fine is a prize for the Allgemeine collection. COA accompanies.

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