Rare, Outstanding Luftwaffe Transitional Helmet

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  1. In my collecting career I have only encountered four of these. I know there are more out there, but in the number I’ve handled, I’ve always noted the rarity of these. This particular piece is a size 64 shell German M18 helmet, with Luftwaffe grey paint hand finished to the outside and inner skirt, leaving some paint residue on the liner’s edge. The liner is a 1931 dated single-ply, with the embossed marking as well, also with the 1931 date. The Germans re-used the old style liner retaining pins, this time with proper washers. These are pristine, untouched and un-bent. The strap is original to the piece. The decals are a nicely intact set of Luft Adler and national shields, the eagle applied with heavy lacquer, yellowing it a bit. The helmet shows lineage as a Heer build in feldgrau, then repainted blue-grey and used by the Luftwaffe, leaving all original components intact with the exception of the outer paint finish and decals. A rare helmet to encounter, this one is in fine, collectible condition.  In  light of helpful commentary from advanced collector colleagues, I have decided to add this certificate of opinion from Ken that lays out the story of this helmet in a manner which further puts into context the components and the progression of their use. COA accompanies.


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