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Rare M44 SS tunic, “Handschar”


This is a service-worn M44 SS tunic with factory issue sleeve eagle, in the rank of SS-Schutze (private). The badging is the 13th Waffen-SS freiwillige division Handschar collar tab and blank rank tab, both hand-sewn to the collar and bearing the same patina and wear as the rest of the garment. The toned Croatian sleeve shield is also hand-applied on the left, below the sleeve eagle. The shoulderboards, piped for artillery, are brighter condition and may have been replaced. The interior shows a fair amount of wear to the cotton and rayon blend lining panels, and the remnants of what may be the size markings are just visible in the upper right area. This tunic is overall a fine looking scarce combat piece with, except my boards caveat, original unaltered badging. This will be a fine addition to the foreign SS collection. COA accompanies.


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