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SOLD (pt) Rare LSSAH Grouping

This is an outstanding and rare grouping from a wounded LAH soldier, including his urkunden, soldbuch, awards and photo album. The seller reports the following specifications:

Soldbuch (second writing) by Paul SCHUCKER,

3 diplomas with decorations

his photo album with 53 pictures.

Paul SCHUCKER was seriously injured (amputated) during the fighting in Normandy in August 1944.


Sturmabzeichen dated July 19, 1944 with original signature of Stubaf Heinrich HEIMANN, abteilung Kommandeur, (RK and DKG). H.HEIMANN will be killed in action on August 20, 1944 in the Falaise pocket.

EKII: August 16, 1944, original signature of Théodor WISCH, Brigadeführer and commander of the LSSAH who will be seriously injured a few days later in the fighting in the Falaise pocket.

Silver wound badge signed by a Leutnant artz. A rare grouping of a wounded during the invasion front

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