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RESERVED (pw) Rare Italian Paratrooper Alberto Droandi Grouping


Alberto Droandi, Italian paratrooper’s grouping

Unique group found in Rome, Italy. Helmet and more effects belonged to Alberto Droandi, officer of the first battalion paratrooper regiment “NEMBO” operating along the Gothic Line in the period 1944 – 45.
Stunning textbook M42 Italian paratrooper helmet in very good conditions named “A.Droandi” on the liner’s leather. 90% original Italian grey-green painting. Inside the helmet there is the very rare rubber star (usually lost). His medal bar includes: war cross for honor bravery actions, two merit crosses, war volunteer medal, World War II commemorative medal, 1944-45 campaign commemorative medal, volunteer for freedom medal and a various postwar medals and decorations including service tunic’s ribbons. Included in the group there is a single magazine pouch for an MAB submachine gun. Droandi fought for the Axis until September ’44, then for the Allies in the “Regno del Sud.”






Oberleutnant zur See Ulrich Vöge’s Grouping, U239 and U2536 Commander.

Incredibly rare set of effects belonging to the Uboot commander Ulrich Voge found in Northern Italy directly from his wife ’s family (presumably Italian origin). The lot includes:
Suitcase containing complete summer jacket, Kriegsmarine officer’s cap with white top typical for Uboot’s commanders, a nominal copy visor cap made after the war by the same commander, probably used for commemorative purposes. 7×50 binocular in exclusive use by Uboot commanders, Kriegsmarine stopwatch with personal dedication (curiously date engraved in Italian language). Unissued second class iron cross with original envelope. Post war u-boot badge and his personal album. The album contains photographs and various military and civilian effects belonged to he commander. Considering the affective value of the album, the family provides photocopies of it as well as other awards and personal certificates.

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