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SOLD (c.rub) Rare, Historic Chinese Nationalist M35 Helmet


One of the rarest of all helmet types is the ET M35 Chinese KMT (Kuomintang) Nationalist forces’ helmet, purchased in the mid-1930s from Eisenhuttenwerke-Thale. Germany needed the funds as their economy was still behind, and sold circa 200k of these helmets to Chiang Kai-Shek’s forces. This helmet is an ET64, #2913, which fits within the heat lot number series as described by Ludwig Baer. The helmet shows the precise pea-green ET finish of that time, unaltered with the exception of the addition of the stenciled Nationalist Chinese Sun emblem on the left side. Like most examples I’ve seen, this one lacks the liner system (most were modified at some point, as the Chinese used these helmets until they fell off almost, due to the supply shortages of that era). A very unique and rare helmet, for the helmet historian’s collection. COA accompanies.

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