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HOLD (bb) Rare, Exceptional SS General’s Umhang (Cloak)


It is a privilege to list this very rare Allgemeine-SS item, an Umhang or cloak for the rank of SS-Oberfuhrer. The seller, an advanced collector, reports the following:

“A beautiful, original SS-officer’s cloak – one of the rarest of all SS uniform-related accessories! This example can be referred to as a “first pattern” cloak because it is the version whose only insignia was collar tabs. The garment features a gorgeous, matching pair of SS-Oberfuhrer which have been machine-sewn to the collar using the same exact thread as the zig-zag stitching on the underside of the cloak collar. Due to the high rank of the wearer, the cloak correctly features the special lapels of silver-gray wool. A really nice tailor’s label still adorns the neck area (“Melchior” – Kassel). Overall condition is excellent-plus, with no holes and no stains to the entirety of the black wool fabric – only some minor spots of surface wear to the collar tabs. To say that this cloak is RARE would be an under-statement!” Coa accompanies this purchase.

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