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HOLD (ms) Rare, Early SS-Totenkopfverbände Helmet, ,,Brandenburg”


This helmet is a beautiful and rare example of an SS-TV helmet, unit marked and bearing the nametag of the individual owner. I had had the privilege of being allowed by the owner to feature this helmet many years ago on my old SS Steel website. Unfortunately I have lost that file over the years. In my hands, I see that this helmet is a rarer, contract produced “copy M18″ style, in heavy gauge chromium steel with ‘gunmetal’ finish. The Liner system is the M31 style, and shows the expected overspray on the liner edges and the VA-SS 1938 chinstrap by Carl Tesch (but with a carbine clip RZM style buckle end). This unique helmet has the owner’s nametag affixed on the underside of one of the liner tongues, shown in the pictures.  Moreover, the rear inner skirt is stamped with the property marking of the KL Sachsenhausen Standortkommandantur. Sachsenhausen was the camp guarded by ,,Brandenburg” Standarte. This helmet likely continued in Concentration Camp service, given it was rendered obsolete for combat use by the advent of the M35 helmet in the later 1930s. These earlier types were often maintained in stabswache supply rooms and this piece may well have been looted by an Allied soldier / camp liberator at the end of the war.  A remarkable, historic, killer example. COA accompanies.

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