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Rare, Beautiful SOLD (mh) Waffen-SS M40 Double Decal Helmet by Quist


For the most discriminating collector of steel, here is a fine, Textbook, rare and almost un-upgradable example of the Waffen-SS model 40 factory produced double decal SS helmet. This helmet was in a US collection long-term, then ended up in Europe, where it was discovered hiding in plain sight among a horde of helmets for sale in 2019, and made its way back to the US. I have personally handled, in 50 years, four examples of the 1940 production Q double decal helmet, including two that were M35 shells, similar heat lot number, but treated exactly the same way with M-40 style rough texture finish / smooth inside, with M40 style liner and double decals. There was evidently a period of possibly weeks of production in the 400 series of helmets done up in this way. I’ve included an image from my copy of the ICE reference, showing comparable examples and their characteristics. This one is dead-on with that reference. The physical features include the size 64 shell with heat lot 408; a rough texture schiefergrau finish (with gentle patina to the finish, indicating untouched) Also present are the glue and lacquer factory applied classic Quist SS runes and party shield. These are Quist in  every way, not Pocher (which itself is sometimes possible). Close examination reveals the expected characteristics of these designs, including the golden hue the runic shield takes on as a reaction to the lacquer used to finish it–this is ubiquitous on Quist examples. I’ve included bright-light pictures to enable more detailed viewing of these, including what I assess to be the more symmetrical “wide Q” runic design variant.  The liner is pigskin and the band is ’40 dated, all completely untouched and with the nice to see ‘fuzzy’ patina covering the zinc. The leather chinstrap (non-pigskin) is the original strap to this helmet, M40 and unmarked. The faint dome stamp is present and slightly visible. Just a killer helmet overall, a centerpiece! COA accompanies. 


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