HOLD (ms) Rare Allgemeine-SS Droop Bill Parade Helmet



Here is a helmet that is basically a hallmark example of the interim period described by Ludwig Baer, wherein between 1934 and August of 1935, the SS were ordered to decorate their helmets by hand with oil paints, in accordance with the RFSS new specifications (the actual verordnungsblatt, with drawings, is pictured in Baer’s book). I and other longer time collectors have known this helmet for many years, considering it to be pretty much the textbook example of the insignia uniformity that the RFSS was looking to achieve with his order. Many, many of the parade helmets were painted in this manner, in the lead up to the August 1935 acceptance of mass produced insignia, supplied by the firm CA Pocher u Sohn, Munchen. After that, most were scraped and re-badged with the new Pocher insignia, or painted over and re-badged (more often the case). A set of hand- rendered insignia can be considered very rare in this case. The shell is the commercially produced droop bill, with M 1927 three-pad leather liner and chinstrap system. The finish overall shows its 80 years of patina and use; The insignia show the signs of careful stenciling and brush application, with excellent age characteristics visible with the naked eye and of course under magnification. This kind of helmet would nicely top off a black SS-TV or VT uniform display. Sale includes my 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity


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