HOLD (l.l.) Q66 M35 SS Helmet With Veteran Provenance


This helmet is a combat bring-back by a member of Battery B, 263rd Field Artillery Battalion, of Patton’s Third Army. The soldier’s file copy was provided by the family, and it includes his biography narrated in his own words, his unit information and awards, campaigns, etc. It also contains a copy of the page in his diary indicating where he picked up the helmet. The helmet itself is a Q66, heat lot #1140. That is a solid 1938 Quist production, with factory field grey finish and glue / lacquer applied Quist pattern SS and party shields. The decals are at 88 to 90% intact; the paint shows wear and what I believe is blood corrosion in areas of the top and brim (see pictures). The liner and strap are the unaltered original issue components to the helmet. This helmet has been curated in a premier collection for many years, and has the original Veteran history that collectors dream of. COA accompanies.

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