SOLD Classic ‘Pinkish-Tan’ DAK or Southern Front Luftwaffe M35 Helmet

SKU: Mhjmak1

This camo helmet is a great example of the color that many collectors have come to associate with Afrika Korps; the pinkish-hue tan finish. The helmet is an M35 SE64, heat lot number #4919. The factory finish is dark Luftwaffe blue-grey on the inside, with an outer reissue finish and single Luft adler on the left side. The liner is an M40 type suspension and is unaltered original to the helmet, as is the brown chinstrap. The helmet has seen heavy outdoor use, with the sun baking and crazing the paint in the hallmark fashion of this type of camo. Overall a great looking, combat used helmet, with a lot of ‘north Africa appeal’ to it. COA accompanies.