Phenomenally Rare Waffen-SS M35 Double Runic Helmet

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I will say right now, there are not a lot of these originals floating around on earth. My first SS helmet in my life was the woodchip double rune featured in my books, and since that helmet, I have known of perhaps a total of a dozen. That is in a 45 year span. In SS Steel, 2004, I presented photographs courtesy of ‘Fotosammler’ showing elements of ,Germania’ regiment wearing double runes during the Westfeldzug. There are ample pictures of double runic collar patches being worn at that time and slightly into the Russian campaign, by various SS units. So that is one segment of the SS wearing these. The other very well known instance of double runic helmets is with the Finnish SS Legion, who wore them from their earliest days, utilizing all models of M35, M40 and M42. There are ample photos of these in use by the Finns in the historic record.

This helmet is a Quist 64 M35, with the darker green-grey factory finish with the mathcing blue-green liner retaining rivet heads. The runic shield on the right is the factory applied Quist pattern. The left bears a CA Pocher rune placed atop the Quist factory issue party shield. This configuration shows the layering of the decals in a striking manner.  All components are correct and original to the piece. The helmet shows medium to heavy service use, and was likely in service for much of the war. A true beauty, rare and desirable SS helmet. My COA accompanies.

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