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**SOLD**(rs) Phenomenally Rare SS Foreign Volunteer M40


This Beautiful condition, fine example is an ET62 M40, heat lot number #1051.  Like most foreign volunteer helmets it started its life as a police helmet with the unbordered police and party Shields present at time of manufacture. The schutzmannschaften who were incorporated into the SS from a dozen or more foreign countries, took their preexisting helmets and were given SS runess to appropriately badge them. Many are seen in pictures –  some of which are featured in ‘SS-Steel’ that show Ukrainians, Romanians and others wearing these reversed decal helmets. In my analysis, the M40 pattern is the rarest because I’ve seen more M35 and M42 helmets in use in this configuration. The helmet itself is in beautiful condition with a fine service used light golden brown liner and full chinstrap intact. In the scuff of the SS rune can be seen part of the oakleaf wreath of the police eagle underneath. A stunning helmet, of which only a few exist. COA accompanies.

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