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Phenomenally Rare, Early Style Emblem SS Helmet


This helmet was poorly preserved since the war, spending the last 80 years or so in a barn or garage. That said, it is the first example I have seen of an un-scalloped, hand stenciled SS emblem, placed on the left side and to the rear of the lug. In consulting two of the foremost world experts on early SS helmets, neither had ever seen an example in this configuration. From the photographic record, collectors note that the SS tried several insignia evolutions on helmets, until they were standardized by order of the RFSS in early 1935. Prior to that, since 1931 or so, the SS as an organization was loosely governed in terms of helmet decoration. Thus, many styles took shape, including the helmets with “Danziger” skulls alone, or with political eagles appeared in the Assmann catalog and other tailor outlets. Equally, various decal designs were made available, mostly with the black shield, white runes and white border. Later, with the advent of a standardized transfer by C.A. Pocher Abzeihbilderfabrik in Nurnberg, SS helmets began being universally standardized in terms of insignia. This helmet is a WWI M16 German shell, showing an actual Reichsheer or Heer feldgrau finish, which had been painted over in flat black and decorated with this single runic emblem. Note the patina and age evidenced in the photos. Priced for rarity, but taking into account the near-relic condition of the piece overall. (If this piece were minty, the price would potentially be triple this list price).  Full COA of course accompanies.

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