SOLD Phenomenally Rare ,Dirlewanger’ Brigade SS-Ustuf. Tunic


This is one of those incredibly rare and correct pieces that most of us never see; and from such a notorious and short-lived SS unit. The back story  of this piece is very compelling: the jacket was found as is, in the 1970s, in the famous ‘Rag Dump’ in Italy (17 years ago I obtained an SS Panzer wrapper from my friend, the late Mike Beaver, that had come from the ‘rag dump’). The collector, a local, kept this piece in Europe for decades before letting go of it — along with many other fine pieces — to advanced American and European  collectors.  In hand, all is forensically correct and complete. The tunic itself is a typical Heer pattern M42 jacket, German wool, with tailor added pleated pockets, shortened hem and other features common to the SS wearers of these. There is no sign of a cufftitle. The later pattern flatwire eagle is hand applied, untouched; the attaching threads are black inside; outside faded to purple. The eagle shows wear commensurate to the overall condition of the tunic. The ,Dirlewanger’ rifles and grenade tab; and matching rank tab, are beautiful enlisted pattern— officer piping upgraded and period machine-applied examples (enlisted pattern is the only pattern known to have been officially issued to this unit). The rank tab has three late style pips denoting SS-Untersturmfűhrer. The red piped artillery Ustuf. boards are correctly period installed, and have not been postwar altered or restored. The farb on the right board has a moth nip exposing the cardboard unterlagen. Simply a stunning outfit, with moderate exposure wear to the collar (likely the portion exposed from under a protective outer garment), and otherwise light wear or other damage overall. Given its extreme rarity, background and historic significance, this tunic would be a capstone piece for the advanced collection We all know the reputation of Oskar Dirlewanger and his brigade. COA accompanies purchase.