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Sold (m) Phenomenal Tan Camo Paratrooper (FJ) Helmet


This is an extremely fine example of a Southern Front tan camouflage Luftwaffe FJ helmet. The helmet was once in the personal  collection of Giorgio S, whose taste in WWII artifacts is among the highest. The seller obtained this helmet from Giorgio, who reported it had been in the late P. Malone collection, a contributor of many helmets to the first edition of Ludwig Baer’s book. The helmet features an ET68 shell, heat lot numbered 4851. The liner retaining bolts are the M38 early spanner type, and the liner and straps are the correct configuration for an M38 produced in this number range. The outside of the helmet is spray camouflaged in ordinance tan. The paint is nearly 90% intact. The ghost of the mostly complete Luftwaffe adler is visible on the left side below the bolt. The liner and straps, original to the helmet, are in fine, lightly used condition. The maker and size markings are complete and visible. The rubber cushioning pad has hardened slightly with age. The liner system was missing one rear strap interior attachment nut, which Giorgio replaced. The strap itself is purposely misrouted outside the rear leather loop where the liner meets the inner rear skirt of the helmet. This helps the collector to orient to the one nut that was correctly replaced. The pictures show that this does not detract even slightly, and upon close inspection, the dust on the strap was not even disturbed in the replacement of the nut.  All other nuts and components are untouched, and all the bolts match the paint and patina, and are unturned. A truly remarkable example that has a lot of beauty, condition and excellent ownership provenance. COA accompanies.

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