Outstanding Heer Knight’s Cross Winner Tunic ID’d



Proudly offered for sale is the tunic of Heer Ritterkreuztraeger Major Kurt Schaefer, of the 33rd Jaeger Regiment, (Panzer Grenadier) German Army. It has an interesting background to say the least. The consignor reports that this tunic, unbelievably, was recovered from a rag recycle station in Italy many years ago (around 1995). It has just come out of a collection, obtained by an individual who knew his cloth and knew his history. he was able to trace down who owned this jacket based on the award loops (especially the DKiG, the placement of the insignia… and the ‘coup de grace,’ the chain stitched initials “KS” in the lining of the tunic. The collector then picked up the appropriate badges according to the published information on Schaefer, and assembled a head to toe mannequin display.  As evidenced in the attached pictures, Schaefer’s exploits have been recorded in numerous references, and his awards include the Knight’s Cross, German Cross in Gold, Close Combat Clasp in gold, EKI, Wound Badge in gold, etc. (There were only 98 of these dual KC / DK awardees).  He literally fought in every campaign of significance from the very beginning, including lastly, the defense of Berlin. The jacket is a handsome field quality cloth body, and shows service use and some minor holes and insect bites. The insignia are to the eye, very evidently original to the tunic, not resewn or altered. The loops match the award arrangement in the picture, and the cut and hang of the tunic (the lay of the collar, the boards), do as well.  The pictures tell the story. The badges are only for display, not included. A lovely and historic Heer warrior’s tunic! My COA accompanies this sale.


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