Outstanding! WWI M16 Camouflage Helmet

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This is a beautiful and intriguing WWI German Camo, of a very non-standard design scheme. The base colors found on most WWI German camos, separated  usually by finger width black boarders, are laid side by side around the helmet, coming together across the top. The condition of these colors is remarkable, but shows service use and 100 years of age. The helmet has a prolonged front bill which is unique to the maker GBN. The interior, marked GBN64, has the full 3 pad leather liner with M16 type leather liner band, intact but shrinking away from the rivets slightly. The stitching in the rear has experienced some shrinkage and is loose. The chinstrap is complete, but somewhat fragile.

The helmet is a product of the Gebruder Bing toy company in Nuremberg, hence the GBN64 marking. They were only contracted to produce them in one size and model. But they had many other army contracts for mess kits, canteens and such. The Bing brothers were Jewish (and ultimately fled Germany in 1932), but from 1880 until WWI, they were one of the world’s biggest and best toy-makers.
The helmet is a very unique stunner for the WWI camo aficionado. COA included with sale.

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