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Outstanding Wiking SS-Hauptsturmführer Combat Tunic

This fine, service used Waffen-SS Haupsturmfuhrer’s tunic features field upgrading of a Heer cut enlisted issue M40 combat tunic. The cut resembles possible SS contract in terms of the angles of the lining, and there is no sign of a heer eagle ever being present. The factory-applied rare round headed variety of SS-VT sleeve eagle is what the tunic was issued with. The officer field upgraded the jacket with matching runic and rank tabs, with one of the three SS-RZM pattern rank pips being replaced with a common pip, showing the extensive nature of the wear of the tunic. He was a seasoned veteran, whose buttonhole is decorated with the ribbon and Spange to the EKII from WWI–a killer feature of this piece. The SS-Hstuf infantry boards are hand-installed and show graceful wear and fine age toning to the white piping. The numeral 5 ciphers on the boards most likely signify “Wiking,” based on all references available. There was never a cuffband installed on this tunic. Overall it is a fine example of what the SS officers are seen wearing when they fought, and it comes to the light of day after many decades. Lifetime (as always) COA accompanies purchase.

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