Outstanding Waffen-SS Officer’s Visor Cap

SKU: Uars23


Here is a fine, classic Kleiderkasse issue W-SS officer’s visor cap, nearly untouched. This example came recently from a collection out west. It is a real treat to see matching, glinting silver-washed feinzinc insignia (skull is Overhoff & cie), with perfectly correct band and piping treatments; interior that is not all bent down and pulled (the tacking is perfect; the prongs are fine and correct– a child tried to pry the skull from one side, causing one prong to fall inside the cap lining. If not for that, the price would reflect higher). The body of the cap shows some moth nips to the top right and under the side near the band. The chinstrap button on the left side is loose at the stitching and needs a stitch to stabilize it. The shortcomings are overall minor and do not detract visually from the excellence and beauty of the cap. A real nice piece for the walking out display! COA accompanies sale.