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Outstanding Waffen-SS M42, ckl66


This fine CKL66  #4990 helmet is a later war production piece with what I observe to be a period installed CA Pocher runic decal. The presence of a decal on a later issue helmet is not unusual for the SS, as they demonstrably did a lot of helmet re-decoration throughout the war, especially as their foreign ranks swelled later on (the SS also demonstrably decorated and redecorated early wartime and pre-war helmets with this pattern of runic shield, so this practice is not unusual for them as an organization).  As for this helmet, the forensic characteristics are what guide my view that the decal was applied during the wartime period–similar to when we analyze reissue WH helmets that have unlacquered shields laid right on: A) the shield is not split and fragmented, B) the shield has ‘welded’ down into the finish, as can be seen in the photo where the light rakes across the upper half, showing the textures in detail. C) the brightness is gone, and the shield has “dulled out,” and is unlacquered. A “standard issue SS helmet” in this condition– one that is considered “ok” because it fits within production number frameworks– would command 10.5 to 11 thousand in today’s market. The ‘after market’ nature of this piece demands a commensurate price point. The consignor recognizes this and is willing to do so. An outstanding SS example from the later war era, priced reasonably.

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