On Hold LL Outstanding Waffen-SS M40 Helmet

SKU: Wsjas11

This ET64 M40 is a one-look, textbook example of the iconic M40 helmet produced by Eisenhuttenwerke-Thale. The shell size is 64, with a three digit heat lot number, signifying late summer 1940 production time frame. The finish is 90% intact and the smoother texture early ET schiefergrau, with a 99.9% fully intact ET pattern runic shield. It is glued / lacquered in place textbook fashion. It is slightly canted, as nearly ALL of the original examples are. There has not been to date any documentation as to why ET slightly angled their post-1940 produced decals, but it is a near-universal phenomenon on ET helmets, and frankly, a hallmark of originality. There is a lightly visible sutterlin script name in the left rear skirt, which could be deciphered with some effort (it was invisible in the patina until appropriately illuminated. This helmet shows substantial service wear to the liner and strap, but both are in full serviceable condition, just darkened. All components are original and untouched, not shined or any tampering, just original. This excellent helmet would be a fine addition to the late SS-VT / early Waffen-SS combat uniform ensemble. COA accompanies purchase. (see my update video here, where I introduce this helmet https://vimeo.com/437674412 ).