SOLD Outstanding Waffen-SS M35 Double Decal Reissue Helmet

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This helmet is a classic example of an M35 double decal M35 SS manufactured by ET, then sometime in the 1942-43 time period, underwent a complete refurb to include paint and liner system. The decals are visibly underneath the thick sandy texture reissue paint (essentially a sand camo finish technically). A slight scuff on the left side shows a hint of the party shield showing through. The right side shows the telltale crackling cause by the reaction of the outer paint coat with the lacquer of the decal underneath. This is an expected and desirable sign of original repaint. The heat lot number is I believe 4388 (or 3–see pictures) and the size is ET 64. The liner is a minty pigskin type, with a name written in cursive. The chinstrap is in excellent condition as well. The initials “BL” are painted in the dome in white. All components are original to the helmet, without alteration. The former owner, now deceased, was a specialist in collecting camo SS and other desirable examples. COA accompanies.


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