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RESERVED (sg) Outstanding Waffen-SS M35 Combat Helmet with Camouflage Cover


This stunning Waffen-SS helmet was procured by the seller from a premier source, who picked it up at a show. I and others were present when the helmet came out. It was in that configuration with the weathered cover that still retains the shape of the helmet. The helmet is a Q66, with the name ‘Wendland’ in Fraktur, slightly obscuring the heat lot number. The helmet shows long-term, hard service use. It shows multiple layers of paint, which is typical of SS M35s, then rough removal of a whitewash or two, which virtually obliterated the decals. There is NO modern ‘fishing’ of the decals, they are simply worn and show the same patina level as the rest of the helmet. The second pattern cover, oakleaf pattern, is in worn condition and matches the form of the helmet. It shows the slightly plummy color to the clips, and has shrunken in place slightly, requiring the wearer to split the visor area. A real salty, original and untouched helmet, perfect for the Waffen-SS combat display. COA accompanies.

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