SOLD (jm) Outstanding Veteran Bringback Chicken Wire Heer Helmet

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This is a killer Heer chickenwire M42, brought back by a telephone technician (T-3) William B. Crozier, 94th Infantry Division Signal Company. He saw action in Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes and Central Europe. Crozier was the recipient of the Bronze Star, for action involving keeping communications alive during an intense combat action his unit was involved in. Among the items he sent back was this helmet, a very service used combat condition Heer Chickenwire camo. It consists of a size 64 shell with a worn finish adorned with a full chickenwire basket. The single Heer decal shows much wear, mainly from continuous outdoor wear. The liner is in very good condition, reflecting heavy use, but strong and intact. The string and chinstrap are long missing. This helmet and history are extraordinary and will make a fine addition to the Heer / camo helmet collection. COA accompanies.

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