ON HOLD (bs) Outstanding, Ultra – Rare “Schalburg” SS Helmet

SKU: WsMAschal


This very well-known and well-published helmet is one of perhaps two originals I have known of in my life. They are that rare. This particular one has been in three of the top known collections in the world, starting with the late Ludwig Baer himself, as many advanced collectors seeing this listing will note. It is currently on consignment, making only its fourth appearance in public sale since 1996 when I first saw it.  The Schalburg Korps were part of the Nordic “Germanische-SS” and were outfitted in black uniforms with black helmets. This fine example is a Q66, finished in satin black and decorated with a stenciled ‘Sonnenrad.’ It belongs in a fine new collection home, as a centerpiece! COA accompanies.

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