Outstanding SS-VT ,Germania’ Regiment M37 Tunic

SKU: Ualsvt2


This stunning tunic is one of the finest VT pieces I’ve had the privilege to handle. The body is a correct Heer – specification jacket, procured (in the thousands) by the Verwaltungsamt, and date stamped 1939. It shows the typical hem shortening and other mods characteristic of its type. The tunic is badged for an SS-Rottenfuhrer, featuring hand applied,  Stunning ‘SS2′ VT collar tabs, likely from an earlier dress uniform, given their fine bullion quality; a fine RZM pattern Germania cuff title, an old campaigners’ Chevron, a Rottenfuhrer set of rank chevrons, and the depo- applied early SS-VT sleeve eagle. The shoulder boards are classic, beautiful examples of the machine embroidered gothic script G for ,Germania, ‘ with the black and white piped edging. The tunic is in amazing condition overall, with only minor moth nipping in areas on and near the collar. To obtain a tunic of this caliber is nearly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for collectors, due to its scarcity and beautiful condition. It is literally a statement in Early SS-VT cloth insignia. Many of you will recognize it has been well-vetted and  published in years past. Sale includes full COA.


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