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(o.a.)Outstanding, Service Used Estonian SS Volunteer Tunic


This is a very rare example of a service worn Estonian-SS volunteer tunic, rank of SS-Sturmmann. It has the distinctive ‘E’ with sword collar tab, Dachau produced, and its matching rank tab, both machine applied. The tunic is the expected late war quality BW Italian sourced ‘beutestof’ fabric, with cotton and rayon mix lining. The size marks are present, correct font, wear-faded and the piece is dated 1945. The views of the button holes show the correctness of manufacture, and importantly, the amount of loosening and wear from actual service. The factory applied sleeve eagle is textbook late RZM style. Positioned below that are the two chevrons indicating rank of SS-Rottenfuhrer.  The Estonian flag shield is machine sewn down below on the sleeve.  Overall this tunic shows originality of badging, wear and service use. It is one of the nicer examples I’ve handled in years. COA accompanies.


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