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Outstanding Panzer NCO Uniform, Wolin Collection


This is a great example of a third pattern Heer Panzer uniform, complete with trousers in the same larger size and condition. Whether an exact match or not is unclear, but Ron had this in his collection possibly as long as 3 to 4 decades, and they were together throughout his ownership time. The jacket and trousers exhibit authentic service wear, with expected minor abrasions, two repairs, and due to age, a few minor moth bites. (Forensically speaking, these are good signs of getting in and out of an armored vehicle over a period of time). The insignia when viewed closely, show uniform, even patina across the cloth, the piping and the tabs, with some nap wear across all — strong indications of period-applied, undisturbed insignia.  The complete outfit is well marked and dated, beautiful in appearance, and will make a great display for the Heer collection. COA accompanies.

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