SOLD Outstanding M40 Heer War Trophy Helmet, 29th Inf. Div.

SKU: Mhpm3

This is just a beautiful trophy helmet, coming from Paul M (RvM). The helmet itself is an ET66 Heer (#1039) in near excellent condition, with only minor wear and a couple of scuffs to the fine Heer adler. The liner and strap are excellent+ and original unaltered to the helmet. The dome stamp is clear.  The string is absent. The crowning piece is a hand-rendered US 29th Infantry Division emblem on the front, with the words “29 Let’s Go” painted above. Adorning the rest of outside of the helmet in yellowed paint are the place-names of the battles fought by the unit, carefully painted in cursive. As we are all aware, the 29th fought bravely and sustained extreme casualties on Omaha Beach, June 6th, 1944. Truly a remarkable piece of History! COA accompanies.