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SOLD (jm) Outstanding M40 Heer Camouflage Helmet


This is a fine example of a Heer M40 camouflage helmet by EF. The size is 64 and the finish and shield are excellent. The camouflage finish is a spray of brick red, grass green and ordinance tan, still over 95% present. The decal was masked and painted around. The liner and strap are untouched original and show medium service wear. The interesting feature of this helmet is the presence of an Austrian style split chin chinstrap, fully original to the helmet. This indicates the wearer may have been an Austrian, or Anschluss participant, choosing to denote this status by putting on this strap. When I got the helmet in hand, the strap was over the visor, and it plainly had been there for many years, leaving the powdery dust imprint that a strap causes over a period of time. Overall, this sharp helmet is a fine addition to the camo collection. COA accompanies.

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