Outstanding Luftwaffe Tan Camo M35 Helmet

SKU: Mhflabt14


This tan camo M35 is a beautiful example, with some interesting features. The tan camouflage covers the issue Luftwaffe blue-grey, but over the shields was a layer of a dark field grey, painted over the shields ostensibly to obscure them, prior to the tan camo being applied. It gets better. The interior bears the surname ‘Nass’ and on the leather and in the dome are stamped “Fl. Ers. Abt. 14” (flieger ersats abteilung 14– flight replacement detachment 14, which was formed in the late 1930s). Finally, a British chinstrap is present in place of the German issue one. Given that this helmet came from one of the most prolific camo collectors I’ve met (passed away recently), it may have a vet history that pinpoints a theater of operations. By the looks of it I could say North Africa, but the unit marking has eluded me so far in research that would place it anywhere operational. Perhaps future research will bear out. It is also possible it was not used as a luftwaffe helmet given that the insignia were at one time blotted out with dark feldgrau. These aspects give it a lot of intrigue and character. Regardless, it is a fine, iconic wartime piece from the Southern Front area. COA accompanies.

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