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SOLD (dn) Outstanding Luftwaffe Camouflage M35 Helmet

This helmet is from the long time collection of David M. He was diligent with camos and it shows with this example. The helmet is a Quist 64 M35, with heat lot #4680. The helmet features the typical 1939 slate gray color used by Quest, and a set of lift eagle and National Fields. The overall condition is extremely service used, with where to the liner, strap, because and finish. The stunning factor of this helmet is the tortoise shell style camouflage scheme, applied by brush likely in the Italy theater. The camo paint shows age, damage from the Sun and dirt, as well as crazing to the thicker parts of the paint; and some flaking of the brush stroke areas. It makes a very stunning appearance due to the darker goldish tan color, and is one of the most outstanding camouflage helmets in terms of condition overall that I have handled recently. This helmet is already vetted by two of the best experts in the field, but remember, I guarantee everything I sell, so you automatically have an inspection period built in. COA on request.

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