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Outstanding Late War Sicherheitsdienst (SD) Complete Uniform


This uniform is a late war SS-BW issue 4 pocket tunic and trousers which have been tailored into an M36-style SD uniform. The collar has been altered from the top button and clip fastener, to an open collar configuration. The plain pockets have been enhanced with false pleats added by the tailor. The interior shows enhancements to the shoulder areas, including quilting for padding, and hand-stitched edging of a nicer quality material to finish it off. The tailoring stops midway through the original factory markings, which include the size stamp, SS-BW stamp, and the M for lago Munich distribution. The SD shoulderboards are sewn-in, the issue sleeve eagle is machined to the left sleeve, the SD diamond is straight-line machine sewn, and the SD-Unterscharf├╝hrer collar tabs are applied by machine as well. The underside of the collars show the extent to which the tailor used additional fabric to construct the correct open collar M36 appearance– really a master tailor’s work overall, given the lateness of the recycled material and other late-war conditions. The trousers are the same material, steel dish buttons, no markings, and are the typical flared thigh style stiefelhosen that an SD NCO would wear. The brown shirt is the typical later war hemd worn by SS and SD troops. It is also included in this set. An outstanding ensemble of SS cloth! COA accompanies.

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