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SOLD (sm) Outstanding Kriegsmarine Shipboard Camo Helmet


This helmet is like several I have handled over the years that bear that very hard hand painted coat of ship paint. The pigment is brush-applied in a couple of layers on an M42 NS62 shell, with untouched original liner and ’42 dated strap. The strap has the grey paint on it in places, visible in the pictures. The maker is difficult to determine, but the image is provided in closeup for you to see. The period photo supplied by the consignor shows a bin full of these helmets just below the sailors on shipboard in the photo. The top left helmet bears hand rendered insignia similar to this one. Due to the intricate nature of the emblems I am inclined to believe they represent a home port or home stadt, and are significant to the vessel the helmet sailed on. They are decidedly not GI art. For the KM collector, and intriguing Camo example. Sale includes my COA.

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