HOLD (dn) Outstanding Japanese Naval Sword / Katana Grouping

SKU: Uajprktn


Here is an outstanding, vet family acquired Japanese sword and Katana grouping, brought back by a 25th Infantry Division veteran of the fighting on Luzon, Philippines. The weapons consist of a Naval officer’s sword and a Katana, both untouched and not taken apart ever. I will not be able to answer questions about blade markings, as I will not disassemble the handles– based on appearance the Katana is not an ancient family sword, but a 20th century produced piece, hence the appropriate price point for this set. The veteran, Master Sergeant Jesse Dutton is described in the accompanying paperwork as having obtained these items during the fighting on Luzon. Manila, the Philippine capitol and located on Luzon, was described as the ‘Pacific Stalingrad’ due to the bloodiness of the battle and loss of life. One sword is listed on the paperwork, two swords are affirmed on the hand written note from the nephew who inherited the swords (correction, both swords are listed on the official Army 1945 bringback paperwork; one as “Jap Sword” and the other as “Jap sabre.”) This is an excellent pair of Japanese weapons, historically connected to one of the more significant locations / events of the battle for the Pacific in WWII. COA accompanies.

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