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RESERVED (mm) Outstanding ,,Hohenstaufen” Panzer Wrapper

This wrapper is a classic wartime issue example, with size markings all but faded nearly completely away (faint remnants are noted). The wrapper appears partly re-badged, especially the sleeve eagle, but I believe the hand-applied BeVo Hohenstaufen title is original to the piece. The matching BeVo collar tabs appear to have been period applied, but this can be subjective with pieces that see a lot of use.  (For example, the cuffs are period field shortened on this wrapper, almost eliminating the cuff flaps except for about one inch). The BeVo sleeve eagle is definitely hand re-applied atop the remnants of a zig-zag stitched former sleeve eagle. Nonetheless, the tunic has a lot of character, and the consignor reportedly picked this one up in Belgium at a market in the 1980s. COA with noted caveats accompanies.

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