ON HOLD (db)Outstanding Heer Three Color Camo Helmet

SKU: Mh117


Another absolute knockout camo is offered here. This one is a nice large EF66, heat lot #4911. The camo is thick to the extent that I can only see the crackles in the paint in the area of the decal on the left side– The interior is decidely feldgrau, thus Heer. The vivid camo finish consists of a base coat of bright ordinance tan, covered in sworls of thick grass green. Topping it off are patches of brick red. The liner is fully untouched original to the helmet and demonstrates evidence of the soldier wounded or dying in it; likely a lower head shot or shrapnel wound, since there are no strike marks on the steel. The liner has some stiffness on the tongues, but is otherwise fully intact and presentable. If you want a killer battle camo with strong good looks, this is it. Sale includes my Lifetime COA.

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