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HOLD (js) Outstanding Heer Reissue M35 Helmet


This is a very sharp example of a reissue M35 Heer in fine condition. The basics consist of a Q64 M35 shell, heat lot number 1809. The helmet was refinished with a medium texture schiefergrau finish, covering both decals. A Pocher pattern Heer adler adorns the left side, atop the spot where the factory applied Heer adler (we assume “Big Foot” Quist) shield hides under the refinish. The right side of the helmet shows the shadow of the original factory national shield, and in a couple of small spots the shield colors are visible.  The interior shows the smooth re-finish and a refitted M40 type liner and strap system. The strap is dated 1942. The strap shows some age wear, as does the excellent liner. There is a ticket or tag glued in the inner skirt, with the number “1” written on it, in German style (long, angled  serif). The purpose of the ticket is not known. The helmet is overall very crisp; a beautiful example of this type of piece. COA accompanies.

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