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Outstanding Heer Oberst der Panzerjäger Uniform


Outstanding Heer Oberst der Panzerjäger uniform. The outfit consists of a very high quality tunic made of a fine gabardine wall with an altered machine applied insignia throughout. The shoulder boards feature earlier bullion braid with two Pips and the ‘p’ for Panzerjäger (anti-tank). The trousers are high quality officer riding breeches and are a matching set with the jacket. Beneath the tailor’s label in the back of the jacket are the initials F.A.,  and the name Franz Arenberg is written in the 1937-dated name label inside the interior front breast pocket.  The original ribbon bar accompanies the tunic and demonstrates the somewhat well decorated individual Arenberg was. In terms of senior combat officer uniforms this one would be difficult to upgrade in quality and looks. Another fine item from the Ron Wolin collection.  COA accompanies.


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