RESERVED (psav) Outstanding DAK Pink Tan Camouflage Luftwaffe Helmet

SKU: Mhrmdak40


This M40 Luftwaffe Q66 single decal helmet features a heat lot number of DN85, a single luftwaffe adler on the left side, and the Quist luft blue-grey medium texture finish. This finish is about 60% covered with a camouflage coat of dark pink-tan, the definitively accepted color used by the Deutsche Afrika Korps, DAK. It is only camouflaged on the sides and front, with the finely sun-crazed eagle carefully painted around. The helmet finish overall is excellent, with medium service wear. The interior features an untouched original liner and strap, both of which show the typical heavy wear associated with these helmets that were worn in the heat of North Africa. The helmet is a fine addition to the DAK collection and comes with full COA.

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