ON HOLD (ew) Outstanding Combat Waffen-SS M35 Helmet, Bullet Struck

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This helmet is an M35 Quist 62 with an early heat lot number and single ply liner band. The helmet shell is a 64, but the markings are largely obliterated by the multiple coats of paint the helmet underwent in its service life. The outside has had some of the finish removed, likely postwar, but the remaining runic shield is in relatively good condition all things considered. The party shield also partly remains, covered by the dark feldgrau overpaint that also remains in the skirt. The liner shows extensive service use, and the right scallop features a bullet exit hole at the edge. The collector who discovered this helmet, in a very old collection, was provided the verbal details of its history: “Upon surrender, the SS soldier took his life with a pistol shot from below, hence only the bullet exit strike on the inner rim.” The final moments in battle at time of surrender could be very violent, and this version of the helmet’s history, while impossible to prove, has merit. All that notwithstanding, this is an outstanding combat helmet of the Waffen-SS, priced reasonably according to condition. COA accompanies.

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