HOLD (sb) Outstanding Combat Waffen-SS Double Decal M35

SKU: Wsjpr62


This helmet has seen it all. It was issued by the Quist factory in Esslingen as a size 62 shell SS-VT M35 around 1939. The factory finish was the deep grey-green 1939 color used by Quist, with the brighter bluish-green liner retaining rivets. Next, the helmet underwent a repaint in feldgrau, leaving clear masking lines where the soldier left the decals remaining exposed. Afterwards, the helmet was whitewashed, and tiny remnants of that finish can be seen throughout. The unexpected feature to the finish is the evidence of removal of the whitewash with a bayonet, the scrapes of which can be seen in a perpendicular pattern around the rear flap, with tip marks nearby. This hard used helmet saw a lot of action, but retains its original liner and chinstrap, untouched and unaltered. If this one could talk. COA accompanies.

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