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Outstanding Chickenwire Camo Helmet with Normandy Provenance


This helmet was simply an exciting find. A one-look, untouched Chickenwire camouflage, with fine paint and service used but great condition components. The bonus is the label pasted in the skirt, which is very faded with age, but reads in French:

“Casque allemand  Trouver à saint Come du Mont,  Normandie 1963”   (“German helmet, found in St. Come du Mont, Normandy 1963.”)

The helmet is an SE64 Size 57 Heer M35 reissue. Very hard to find a nicer one, plus it has a connection to a district of Normandy that the 101st Airborne fought through on D+2 (Same town where Dick Winters found the famous FJ NCO smock lying in the open on a fighting position). COA accompanies.

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